1. A nurturing and creative environment to share global management ideas.
  2. Special programs for enhancing leadership qualities of members.
  3. Providing access to international markets through business delegations and business matchmaking programs.
  4. A favourable international business environment, locally.
  5. Expanded social resources through promoting social networking among members and their families.
  6. Updates on economic and business issues through research reports and interactive sessions with experts.
  7. Various international conferences and seminars.
  8. A platform for spouses and kids of members to network with each other.


Enabling Leadership

The CEO Club aims to be education, allowing one to learn from another. As the concept of the Club states, “It’s OK to be at the top, but you don’t have to be alone.” That is really the essence of the club: members can talk with one another and bounce ideas off each other in a non-threatening and confidential environment.

The objective is to help members make their businesses more efficient and improve their personal life simultaneously.

Inner Circle

Across all the global CEO Clubs, Inner Circle meetings are extremely popular and have been proved very useful to its members.

An Inner Circle is a group of about a dozen CEO members who serve as a board of advisors to one another.

The Council organises monthly dinner meetings where members of that particular Inner Circle meet and initiate the discussions with recaps and current developments in their business and personal life. They then discuss a case study or a business issue presented by a member. The presenter of the issue is chosen by rotation.

The Inner Circle members brainstorm on the issue and offer solutions and advice to the presenter.

The calendar of Inner Circle is finalised a year in advance.

The discussions are very candid and each member has to sign a confidentiality agreement. Depending on the issue, even financial information may be shared among members of Inner Circle.

A mastermind occurs at the end of each session as each member shares their ideas to solve the issue. This is recorded for the member who has raised the issue to be utilized as a reference later.

The discussions follow a proper format and are moderated by a trained Inner Circle moderator.

Sounding out issues or decisions with a knowledgeable, yet not directly involved, peer group can significantly improve the odds of success.

Each Inner Circle does an annual retreat where they get time to enhance the bonding among Inner Circle members and their families.

The Inner Circle is for larger companies and EXECUTIVE MEMBERS ONLY.


The Club offers two kinds of networks:

Business Network: Members develop business contacts within this network and get opportunities to discuss their business issues globally. Global networks work through various meetings which are attended by Club members from different countries, annual retreats, etc. Members can also physically attend meetings in any of the chapters’ meetings.

Personal Network: This network allows members to interact with each other on apersonal level through events like wine tasting, golf, dinner theatre, Diwali dinner, and other family events.

Local & Global Matchmaking

One of the most popular benefits of CEO Clubs is the business matchmaking opportunities for members.

The Club organises matchmaking events whenever a foreign delegation comes to Spain or a delegation is taken to any other country. Business matchmaking among members of various chapters of CEO Clubs Spain is also promoted.

Business Delegations to Other Countries

The Club takes business delegations to other countries with the objective to provide an international business networking platform to its members and an opportunity to learn from CEOs of other countries.

The delegation members meet the key business players in that country, such as government officials, leading CEOs, Chamber of Commerce representatives, Spanish Embassy officials, etc.

We also take sector-specific delegations to countries where our CEOs can learn about the new technologies and processes, and have an opportunity to do business with the CEOs of that country.

Business Related Audios from International Speakers

Over the past three decades, the CEO Clubs has attracted many international figures such as:

Ted Turner, Herb Kelleher, Peter Grace, T. Boone Pickens, Wally Amos, Zig Ziegler, Fred Smith, Richard DeVos, Royal Little, Edison De Castro, Steve Forbes, Victor Kiam, David Neeleman, Pat McGovern, Michael Bloomberg, and Donald Trump…just to name a few who have addressed the Club.

Our members have access to these talks through audio recordings. They can listen to these talks just by logging into our website and downloading the mp3 files.


Sector Focused Groups

The Club members are divided in various sector-specific groups according to their sectors of operation.

These sector-specific groups very effectively brainstorm among themselves and with experts on the critical issues faced by members of that particular group.

The Club organises quarterly interactive sessions with guest speakers and international conferences to discuss members’ sector-specific issues.

Business delegations to other countries are also taken to promote sector-specific interactions with CEOs in those countries.

Update on Economic Issues and Business Oopportunities

The Club prepares various research reports, surveys, etc., to keep members updated on the current business and economic issues.

These reports address issues at national as well as at international level.

Seminars & Conferences

The Club organises several highly interactive seminars and conferences on critical business issues. Several renowned national and international speakers are invited to brief Club members. These seminars are also open to select nonmembers.

Online Forum

The CEO Clubs members get free access to an online forum which allows its members to post questions and share insights and resources on business issues or personal issues.

The online forum also provides an opportunity to members to share information about their products and services.

Members have benefited immensely from this network as it is the most useful helpline when they are faced with problems like finding a new home in a new country, getting medical advice, information about kids schools etc.

Connect with Colleges

The Clubs also organises interactions of its members with students in various educational institutions.

These interactive sessions give an opportunity for the students to interact with the business leaders and understand the challenges of the corporate life. Such interactions give our members an opportunity to share their experiences and get the perspectives of the young generation who will be the business leaders of the future.

Family Programs

The Club creates special learning and entertainment programs for the members’ kids.

This not only gives them opportunity to learn and have fun but also promotes bonding among members’ kids.