Exclusive Privileges

1. Exclusive information on investment opportunities captured by the club

2. Management and monitoring of results after incorporation into the international (Bo) platform.

3. To make available to the partners the management advice of our group of professionals.

4. Strengthen business and institutional relations, favouring access to the national business network of trust and access to other international markets.

5. To create a favourable environment in which to share and analyse new management ideas and improve their leadership skills.

6. Access to the training program “Circle of Confidence”, according to the moderator.

7. Priority access to social events, seminars and exclusive business opportunity presentations.

Enabling Leadership

The concept “It’s good to be at the top, but you don’t have to be alone” inspires the Club to encourage members to share knowledge with each other and, thus, circulate ideas in a relaxed and trusting environment.

The objective is to help partners increase the efficiency of their business, decision making and exchange of business opportunities.

Inner Circle
Across all the global CEO Clubs, Inner Circle meetings are extremely popular and have been proved very useful to its members.

An Inner Circle is a group of about a dozen CEO members who serve as a board of advisors to one another.

The Council organises monthly dinner meetings where members of that particular Inner Circle meet and initiate the discussions with recaps and current developments in their business and personal life. They then discuss a case study or a business issue presented by a member. The presenter of the issue is chosen by rotation.

The Inner Circle members brainstorm on the issue and offer solutions and advice to the presenter.

The calendar of Inner Circle is finalised a year in advance.

The discussions are very candid and each member has to sign a confidentiality agreement. Depending on the issue, even financial information may be shared among members of Inner Circle.

A mastermind occurs at the end of each session as each member shares their ideas to solve the issue. This is recorded for the member who has raised the issue to be utilized as a reference later.

The discussions follow a proper format and are moderated by a trained Inner Circle moderator.

Sounding out issues or decisions with a knowledgeable, yet not directly involved, peer group can significantly improve the odds of success.

Each Inner Circle does an annual retreat where they get time to enhance the bonding among Inner Circle members and their families.

The Inner Circle is for larger companies and EXECUTIVE MEMBERS ONLY.

Business opportunities

Keep members informed about economic issues, business opportunities and exclusive investment.

In addition to being able to use our most powerful platform where you can access an exclusive multi-sector business offer and demand, connecting with CEOs from all over the world.

Professional advice

The Club makes available to members the advice of our group of professionals in the legal, tax, labor, auditing and consultancy fields to accompany the member in making decisions and executing the opportunities offered by the club.

Local and International Matchmaking

One of the most valued benefits of CEO Clubs is the “matchmaking” of business opportunities between members.

The Club organizes trips to other international delegations of the club just as we receive other international delegations in Spain with the aim of promoting international matchmaking, (search for a local partner, opening of new markets, relocation…). Business matchmaking is also promoted among Club members in Spain.


The Club organizes several national and international social, cultural, gastronomic and sports events during the year.

Its objective is to expand the social network and create a pleasant environment to share between partners. On some occasions, these events are also open to “invited” non-members when they are carried out in collaboration with other organizations and other business Clubs.

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