CEO Clubs was founded in New York by Mr. Joe Mancuso in 1977. Its objective was to connect the highest echelons of the business world to share knowledge, skills and generate an environment that would environment that would enhance and hone entrepreneurial skills.

The Club provides its members with powerful tools for business advocacy and learning on new ways of thinking and forums on the challenges they face in their businesses. The Club acts as a point of exchange of ideas and contact with business leaders at the local, national and international levels who are also national and international business leaders, who are also business development leaders.

In order to promote the exchange of ideas and create business opportunities, the Club organises seminars, conferences, round tables, bilateral meetings, trips, inter-delegation meetings and networking events and networking events throughout the year. These forums bring together renowned authors on a variety of business different business topics, offering the opportunity to share personal experiences, new expectations and methodologies. expectations and methodologies.

The Club is exclusive and membership is by invitation only.

CEO Clubs is in full expansion to reach the main countries in each area of international influence. international influence.

Joe Mancuso

Founder & President

Founder & President

Joe Mancuso founded the International Club of Chief Executive Officers Clubs in 1977. Mr. Mancuso is now considered “the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur”.

CEO Clubs International started its activity for many years in the USA, and nowadays it gathers CEOs of successful companies in different countries. CEOs of successful companies in different countries.

Mr. Mancuso is undoubtedly very famous as an author. His books and recordings have inspired more businessmen than any other “business” author, according to Simon & Schuster. He has edited or written twenty-six books, ten of which are considered reference titles (top sellers, year after year). year after year).

Mr. Mancuso holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from WPI and a Master’s degree from Harvard Business School. School. He holds a PhD from Boston University in Educational Administration. He has been the Chairman of the Management Department at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts, before founding CEO Clubs International, in 1977.

Jose María Pérez Gómez

Managing Partner of CEO CLUBS SPAIN 

Managing Partner of CEO CLUBS SPAIN 

Graduated in Business Administration at Boston Suffolk University (B.B.A) in 1996.

After working in banking, buying and selling securities in the bank Societe General, he realised that he was he realised that he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

More than 20 years dedicated to the business world, investing and undertaking business ventures in different sectors such as logistics, services, export-import, etc.

It emphasizes in his portfolio of businesses the opening of the franchises of Curves International in Spain, to later put in march a company of logistics and thus give service to this same multinational, in Europe.

Later on, he undertook a new project, this time to provide valet parking services to passengers at airports, ports and train stations, Parking10, opening in Madrid and Barcelona.

He is currently continuing his activity by undertaking new business models, this time in sectors such as such as CSR consulting, academia, home logistics services and modular construction.

Selected by Mr. Joe Mancuso, founder of Chief Executive Officers Clubs, CEO CLUBS, to chair the Club in Spain. to chair the Club in Spain.


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